Welcome to 2048 Dungeons !

In this game, your mission is to clear Dungeons by defeating Enemies !

* How to play:

Simply play on the 2048 Grid like the classic 2048 game.

Each time you do a move on the grid, the Enemy will attack You !

To attack him, perform score by merging tiles !

Don't forget to upgrade your stuff with your gold by clicking on your player image to access the menu !

Good luck and Have fun !

* What's New:

- Add: Stat option for item level 30 (upgrade your item one time if your item level is more than 30)

- Change: Power, Armor & Critical Rate are now limited to 9000 !

- Change: Heal skill cannot be used when health is full

- Change: Punch skill cannot be used when alreaday activated

- Change: Cancel punch when player die

- Change: UI tweeks for gold & rewards not fully displayed

- Fix: Language errors

- Fix: minors bugs

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Clear X dungeons count stays stuck at 1, but I'm already at dungeon 58.

(other achievements work as they should)